John, of JK Knives (my favorite custom knife maker) was once kind enough to offer a bulk price for some knife blanks so I could try to sell them. I would design them, put the handles on, make the sheaths, lanyards ect. At the time it sounded like too big of a project but in the end we ended up doing it. If nothing else, I thought. it would give me something else to do with the extra walnut I had sitting around.

John’s motto is “Your Design or mine” and I had tried my hand at designing a few including the Toby’s Knife to commemorate my late son. I had been very happy with the results and to my surprise found the Toby’s Knife to be a quick best seller for JK Knives.

But having an idea of a type fo knife I wanted and trying to come up with several many other people might like was a different task altogether.

In the end I narrowed it down to several dozen I liked then started asking for feedback in the knife community until eventually I sold off the naming rights to the 4 that made it through for discounts on the first run or The Rover, Pocket King, Cleaver Jr, and Pocket Rocket.

Here are some of the early design phases they went through:

Here are the final 4 designs that ended up becoming the first generation of HK knives just before they were sent off to JK Knives:

Pocket King

Pocket Rocket

Cleaver Jr


And here is an example of one fo the Rovers when they were finished:

Rover in Zircote and Oak bolster

You can find more examples of these first generation designs and more in the Pictures section fo the website.

Thanks for looking!


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