Hhandles makes a variety of custom goods in leather and wood including HK Knives which are a collaboration between JK Knives and PaHowdy.

The blades are made by JK Knives.  The handles, lanyards, sheaths and beads are made by Pahowdy.

You can see pictures of all type of work done in the “Pictures” section in the above menu.

For information about custom orders on any of the items available please visit the “Custom Order” section for information on prices and options.

You can also follow @pahowdy on twitter and iInstagramand join the page “Sharp happens” on Facebook to get up to date information.

Feel free to contact Hhandles with any questions or custom orders you wish to discuss


H handles, sometimes called kyenglish, is a one man operation. He works out of a little shed on a small ridge in Eastern, KY.

“I started as a fan of JK Knives. I liked the strength and function of John’s steel for everything from camping to everyday chores and woodworking. With encouragement from John, I started producing my own designing based on what I needed most in a knife. I enjoyed the design process so much it lead to making my own handles –  with a  great deal of help and advice from John and others in the knife community. It’s fun, and satisfying to know you’ve helped make something people can get so much use out of not to mention getting to work with a talented knife maker like JK Knives.”

Contact hhandlesknives@hotmail.com for orders, questions and information

                 jk knives button

You can contact and find out more about Jk Knives and see available models and prices at the JK Knives website. Please click the button above to link go to the JK website.

Thanks for coming,


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